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    HMRC has warned that university students and other members of the public are being bombarded with fake tax refund emails. The scammers have targeted university students in an attempt to steal their banking and personal details using email addresses that look genuine, in order to avoid detection.

    Mel Stride, Financial Secretary to the Treasury said:

    'Although HMRC is cracking down hard on internet scams, criminals will stop at nothing to steal personal information.

    'I'd encourage all students to become phishing-aware - it could save you a lot of money.'

    In common with other tax scams, fraudsters send a message, including HMRC, GOV.UK or credit card branding, supposedly advising the recipient about a tax refund. Those taken in by the fake email are asked to click on a link and enter their banking and personal details. Fraudsters can use this information to steal money from bank accounts or to sell on to other criminals.

    Internet link: GOV.UK press release

    There are also many other methods that scammers may use to obtain details from people, which can include phone calls and even fake letters. Below is a link to a page which helps identify fraudulent correspondence and also gives the option to report any suspicious activity that you encounter.

    Internet link: GOV.UK phishing & scams

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