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    Zig Zag is now launching our new Business Growth Hub, mainly targeting businesses in the hospitality sector but we are also open to other types of business — We will be working with owners and investors in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. Our aim is to ensure that every business we deal with performs to the best of its ability and makes the desired profit, which we will do by:

    -Setting realistic targets for the business and creating budgets and forecasts.

    -Monitoring sales, gross margins and labour costs very closely.

    -Mentoring the owners and/or managers of the business and giving advice to help them achieve their objectives.

    We will work ‘hands-on’ with you, in your business to:

    • Maximise your Profit Margins
    • Minimise your Operating Costs
    • Resolve any Operational and Staff Issues
    • Increase the Profit from your Business

    We are happy to offer you a tailored package that is realistic and practical for your business!

    Other areas that Zig Zag can advise on include:

    • Tax planning
    • Human resources (HR)
    • Raising finance
    • Payroll
    • Personal Tax
    • VAT Accounting
    • Management reports
    • Cashflow projections

    If you're interested then drop us an email at, call us on 01225 300490, or pop in and see us at 14 Queen Square, Bath.

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