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Why Choose Zig Zag

We're a one stop shop accountancy firm

Allowing you to focus on the more important things

We recognise that cloud accounting is not the way forward for all businesses, and will provide first class services to all our clients. After all, “there’s no need to fix something that’s not broken”.

While our background and experience enables us to provide traditional accounting and tax services like most other firms, we realise that a business can be very complex, consequently the basic compliance of accounting and tax is just one part of your business.

In response, we offer ideas, strategic advice and solve problems, as well as accounting services, to help you run your business.

We believe we can make a difference to our clients, that all businesses can be designed to run better according to the goals and dreams of their owners. We will support you fully and guide you along the way.

Traditional Meets Modern

With today’s technology, we understand the importance of being at the forefront of cloud based accounting solutions.

More than just figures

We help you run your business, so as well as accounting services, we offer ideas, strategic advice and solve problems too.

We're in it for the long run

We maintain great working relationships with clients, so we can understand the ever changing needs of you and your business.

It's more important to be moving

Than just standing still

We all know people and businesses who talk about the great plans they have and that “this time next year, we’ll be millionaires!” (with thanks to Del Boy for that line), but these people often spend too much time planning and talking about doing something rather than actually doing it! This does not mean that you need not do any planning, but we believe action is more important than words if you want to move forward.

We have taken our inspiration from Sir John Harvey-Jones MBE who maintained a firm belief inspeed rather than direction”, on the assumption that once travelling a company can veer and tack towards the ultimate objective.”

We understand that making a “Zig Zag” as you go forward is a natural part of the journey.

Hence this is inspiration for our company name.

Our vision

To INSPIRE people and businesses to TAKE action (words may inspire, but only ACTION creates CHANGE).

To walk ALONGSIDE you to show YOU what you can do since SUCCESS always takes help. FAILURE we can do ALONE.

To build a CULTURE that allows people and businesses to GROW and achieve more than they think they were CAPABLE of.

To believe that PEOPLE are more IMPORTANT than numbers and this gives people a REASON to come to work, not just a place to work.

Why we do it

To WORK with people we LIKE.

To AIM to make SUFFICIENT profit from our trading operations to sustain our commercial VITALITY, to finance our continued DEVELOPMENT and to distribute a SHARE of those PROFITS each year to our PEOPLE, and to enable us to undertake other activities CONSISTENT with our ultimate PURPOSE.

To believe in “SPEED RATHER THAN DIRECTION” because once travelling a business can veer and tack TOWARDS the ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE.

To treat PEOPLE the way we would like to be TREATED.

Accounting services

A range of services for all stages of your business